Gemstones like these need a precious website, right?

Web design, development, prototyping, maintenance

About Adalma is about family and the precious things you can do when you follow your long-life passion. This project is a very special one for us because it belongs to Adrian’s parents, Angela and Aurel. They are both geological engineers and besides their everyday job, they started this small business in March 2011 when they decided to invest their imagination and love for gemstones to create and sell some unique jewelry and decorative objects.

One of the things we love about this project is its name. It is an abbreviation of the names of their three children: Adrian, Alexandra, and Mădălina. All three children are sharing this special passion for gemstones and this is why they are actively involved in their parents work.

When you say Adalma the first thing it comes in your mind is LIFE. Why are we saying that? Because their characteristic object is the tree of life made with a selection of the most beautiful semi-precious stones. We have to admit that we have a couple of them in our studio and they made our workspace more beautiful.

The project

When they decided to grow their family business online, Angela and Aurel wanted a well-structured and elegant website to show the beauties that they create to the entire world. Also, they insisted on the idea that the little precious trees should put in the spotlights as wedding and baptism testimonies. Just a precious little something for all the guest to remember a special moment in their loved ones' lives.

We presented them a very simple and organized mock-up because we believe that simplicity wins every time. The draft of the website contained all the categories, the color pallet and an efficient and simple tool for their clients to evaluate the prices of the objects they want to order.

Salmon White Aubergine

Technical details

The website is 100% original, custom made using Cake PHP framework. We concentrate all of our ideas and energy and we have delivered a ready-to-use project in no time.

All the photos are made by our clients with Adrian’s help and they represent all their precious jewelry and trees at their finest.


It was a pleasure to collaborate and help Angela and Aurel who are amazingly talented and wonderful people, very patient and with a creative vision on their work and also on their lives. All the communication was productive, they reacted very quickly on our request – they send all the information and photos we needed as soon as we asked them – and all the work unfolded wonderfully.

At the present moment, our social media department is in charge of Facebook page helping it grow in a beautiful manner. Also, and ANUIX Studio continued the collaboration in matters of IT support.

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