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Rezan and why we loved him

We met Rezan in a comfortable café where we started to discuss his business idea and at the same time, his vision about life.

Rezan is a traveler, a people person. He traveled and succeeded to see some amazing places, to meet different people and to enrich himself from each experience. At the same time, he is a person with some very strong roots in his own beliefs. This is why he perfected himself in the secrets of yoga becoming a truly yoga connoisseur. He studied yoga in India and he came back to Bucharest to spread his experience, his knowledge and to help others discover the world from his point of view.

He made this all happen when he created his personal yoga studio in a very nice and cozy place, right in the heart of Bucharest. Rezan’s studio followed his idea which we helped him transform into a true and defined concept: a yoga studio where people can feel as good as in their own home; a safe space, with inspirational activities both for body and soul.

The project

As we started to talk about the website, we figure it out how it is going to be: light balanced, elegant and minimalist. The very perfect definition of yoga and of a relaxed state of mind.

The colors that we used to perfect the website are in accordance with the vibe of the studio and they matched Rezan’s ideas about the subject: light peach, wooden brown and light blue.

Developing a truly unique website, from scratch, gave us maneuvering space to create everything Rezan wanted to send to his public: a user-friendly website and the idea that yoga is for accessible to everybody - no matter the age.

Dark greyish red White Dark greyish yellow

Technical details

The platform is custom made for Bodhi Studio being developed in CakePHP3. We created a very complex but so easy to work with administration panel used by the Bodhi Studio team to book yoga classes, to organize the program of the studio or to publish articles in the Blog section and many other options.


Our work with Rezan was easy and structured because he knew exactly what he wanted from his studio’s website. Our suggestions and work helped Rezan to launch a unique website in Bucharest – he was one of the first to implement the idea of online booking of a yoga class. On top of everything, we have created a high-quality website based on constant communication and on very creative minds.

At the end of the developing process, ANUIX Studio continued the collaboration with Bodhi Studio in matters of IT support and. Starting August 2018 we started a brand new collaboration with the studio on social media, ANUIX Studio being in charge of promoting Bodhi Studio’s activity both on Facebook and Instagram.

We are looking forward to creating more and more projects with Rezan and to continue this beautiful and friendly collaboration. Namaste!

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