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Professional swimming club needs professional website

Web design, development, prototyping, maintenance

A very active collaboration

A large part of the members of our agency is passionate about sports and a healthy lifestyle. So, when we had the opportunity to work and to improve the online activity of a sports club dedicated to children we jumped right in.

Performer Club is a professional, semi-Olympic standard swimming club which promotes excellence and supports the dreams of all the children who are passionate about swimming, who want to make a career of it, or who are simply enjoying their youth by practicing this amazing sport.

We started the discussion with the manager of the club who wanted a brand new website with a fresh vibe and a whole new online experience in order to improve the interaction with the public.

Technical details

In the first stage of the project, we created and presented a mock-up based on amazing high definition pictures, with a bold font and we proposed some new categories for the website. The client was very pleased with our ideas, about the first visual material we have presented and he was anxious to start the work as soon as possible. So, this is what we did. The whole website was baked from scratch in Cake PHP. As you can imagine, the design too. We worked almost exclusively with our client photos so all the work was closer to the actual activity near the pool. It was a real pleasure.

We had a very relaxed and constructive interaction with our client. He was very responsive to our requests of content material, personalized pictures, the list with his staff team and - the most important - the athletes, about which this project is all about.

The basic idea of the website was a bold, dynamic and friendly space, with a very good organization of the information. The pictures that we have chosen are representing the actual definition of sport, the pleasure of swimming, the benefits for health and the pride of winning a competition.

One of our improvement ideas regarding the website's categories is the BLOG - which is a very useful tool to increase the communication level with some potential clients or an inventive way to promote your business. This part is still a working in progress stage because our collaboration did not end. We are still in a great partnership, ANUIX Studio taking care of the website which translates into monthly maintenance and being exclusive on designing the posters for all the swimming competitions.

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The partnership with the members of Performer we have interacted with was – and still is - based on opened and friendly communication. Also, the respect we all have for sports and appreciation for the children’s love for swimming and for all their hard work made us wanted to perfect all the details about the website and – honestly – to receive the golden medal.

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