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When emergency strikes... is all about the help you get when you need it the most. The website is a helpful guide of all the pharmacies in Bucharest and from the main Romanian cities that are opened 24 hours a day. This project belongs to a young couple from Bucharest – Adrian and Diana - who were personally involved in collecting the information from all the pharmacies.

How everything started? The idea started from a common toothache in the middle of the night, one day before Christmas. Walking around town looking for an open pharmacy in that freezing cold night with a lot of snow on the streets, Adrian and Diana noticed that there was no up-to-date list of pharmacies and their operating programs. And this was so frustrating!

That was the reason they wanted to developed a website: to help others, to make their life easier. And this is where we took over. We arranged a gathering in a nice cafe with Adrian and Diana and with our team members responsible for their project.

The project was initially thought to be a simple website for presenting the pharmacies opened 24/7 in Bucharest and in the largest cities in Romania.

As we start to developing the website in Cake PHP framework, we discussed with Adrian and Diana and we decided – besides the actual website - to create a personalized logo for their project and to include a live map on which all the pharmacies in the data base to be represented graphically and to be found more easily.

Technical details

Adrian and Diana wanted a young and friendly website, an easy tool for everybody to use and to find help when they are looking for an open pharmacy.

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The website was also optimized for the mobile version in order for everybody to have an easy experience while using it. We all know that nowadays people spend a lot of time looking for things on the internet on their mobile phone, so we wanted to perfect this aspect of our collaboration.


We are very happy about our work with Adrian and Diana, they are wonderful people wanting to do something good for the society, to help people around them. So, we find this truly refreshing and inspirational. Together we created a website which is the top website on Google search for non-stop pharmacies in Bucharest and other cities. We have to admit it - we are thrilled about it!

The collaboration continues today, ANUIX Studio having exclusivity in terms of monthly maintenance of the website, or in terms of any updates needed, of any other idea or new sections that are required to be created.

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