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Kick off

ANUIX is a dinamic and sports loving team. Starting with the every-day activity of jogging, enjoying an incredible tennis tournament, or with shouting toghether with other fans of our favourite football team, we are always so ready for a challenge. Or maybe we are always ready to score a goal or an amazing project.

That is exactly what we can say about our collaboration with FC Viitorul – a young, amazing and passionate football team – both on the football field and inside the administrative offices. FC Viitorul is one of the best rated football teams in Romania and its performances made it stand among the best teams in Romania and it allowed them to dream about all of the greatest European Football Competitions.

So, we were thrilled to apply for this job! We sent a well-structured and professional presentation and we have been selected to create not only one website, but three: a stunning website for the football team managemnt and presentation, an online store for the fan shop and a website for the team’s academy in which young boys sign in to make their dream come true: becoming a successful football players.

First half - Design

At the beginning it was all about the colors. The website that we created for FC Viitorul has a young and fresh vibe. The color scheme we used match perfectly with the team’s colors: white and blue. But, in order add a pinch of energy, we used the most amazing and vivid yellow. These complementary colors help the website to stand out and to speak for itself: a website which promotes a new generation of football players, with a professional leadership and a strong vision: to win!

We used the colors of the team – navy blue, white, and black – and we combined them with a shade of gold in order to create a balanced, fresh and youthful vibe. Also, one of our favourite parts of the website is the countdown section. The excitement for the next football match is growing when you see how fast time flies when you do what you are passionate about.

Black Dark blue White Light orange

Second half - Development

The final structure of the website was decided together with the marketing team and it was a clean, classic organization of the categories and of the information. One of our best innovations of this website is the presentation pages of each football player from the team which we wanted to build on two solid principals: youth and with a personal and close approach to the fans. Because, when you talk about a football team, you talk about fans and their passion and appreciation for each new detail about their favorite players and games.

The whole website is made from scratch in Cake PHP and, of course, the design too. The administration panel is custom made and organized with all the specific information of a football team. We have created a special connection for all the press articles that are going to be published almost every day on the website, a statistics module which allows to create an unlimited number of events, competitions, an interactive countdown for fans to be always connected to the next event of their favorite team.

Penalty Shoot-out

Our work with FC Viitorul was a complete and amazing challenge, but we managed to score one of the best projects: a modern and user-friendly website. On top of everything, we managed to create a high-quality product with the help and constant communication with the marketing team – they are very talented and creative minds, open to suggestions, and very passionate about the world of sports.

After we completed the developing process, ANUIX Studio kept its exclusivity regarding the maintenance and IT support, always happy to be involved in such an amazing ride: the evolution and the successes of a wonderful football team.

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