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Web design, development

Part of our hattrick

The work for Gheorghe Hagi's Football Academy started right after we finished the website for FC Viitorul - the main team. We call it a hattrick because it also includes a Fan Shop that is to be launched later this year.

About the Academy

Worldwide, there are some symbols that describe Romania and Gheorghe Hagi is one of them. He is the greatest football player in our history and this is his Football Academy. Founded in 2009, Gh. Hagi Academy is by far the most successful in Romania and one of the most important in the Southeastern Europe.

So no pressure, right?

Draft & Design

Even though The Academy's identity is closely related to that of the main team, our client wanted a younger (but still serious) approach. This is why we chose two powerfull colors: Absolute Zero Blue and Aureolin (a strong yellow).

Absolute Zero Aureolin Catacean Blue


The whole website is made from scratch in CakePHP 3.6 and, of course, the design too. The administration panel is custom made and organized with all the specific information of a football academy. We have created a special connection for all the press articles that are going to be published almost every day on the website, a statistics module which allows to create an unlimited number of events, competitions, an interactive countdown for fans to be always connected to the next event of their favorite team.

More than a website

As Gh. Hagi Academy grew bigger, it became a very important source of information and updates for youth leagues. Currently, a lot of results are first posted here and then retrieved by other websites or publications.

It has been quite a challenge to develop something this important. We really hope that our work here is just getting started and we can't wait to develop new sections.

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