Mount Core

Love mountains? Check this shop we built.

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Hiking addicts

When you talk about Mount Core you talk about the passion for adventure, mountains and the idea of being safe in your journey to reach that peak that you have always wanted to conquer.

Special for us

This project is so very special to ANUIX Studio because it is a personal project of Adrian and his girlfriend, Mădălina. It all started in Brașov – a very nice city in the heart of Romania – when they decided to grow their passion for hiking into an online store specialized in outdoor equipment.

In order to build their online store, we had a pleasant and productive conversation with the whole ANUIX team and we created a sketch of a future website: a fresh, young and professional retail online store. The only piece they were missing was a professional vision and an active and supportive team to help them develop their business idea.

Black Green Red

Together we draw the lines of the website, ANUIX team giving them some useful bits of advice for the concept, the visuals and the structure of the website as a whole. All of the discussion helped them having a clear vision about the ways the online tool that we started to create together will change their way of doing business. In a positive and productive way, of course!

Technical details

The platform is custom made for Mount Core and we baked it in CakePHP3. Also, it has an optimized mobile version for an easy and friendly experience. Nowadays the development of online shopping requires a professional mobile version for all the people who chose to make their shopping online using their smartphones. Thus, the website we have created is optimized for all types of mobile and tablets to meet all market requirements.


We are delighted about our partnership with the Mount Core team and, the most important, we are pleased about the product that we have created together: a good quality website in which we have invested a lot of time, creativity and energy.

Started June 2018, the collaboration with Adrian and Mădălina is still going on. They are one of our top clients with a huge potential of succeeding in their business. What they have taught us? Following your dreams and passion combined with great support in terms of online presence will always lead you to success.

ANUIX has exclusivity in terms of monthly maintenance of the website, or in terms of any updates needed, of any other idea or new sections that are required to be created.

The story goes on, as well the creativity on promoting new products and equipment that will help a true mountain lover to collect some memoirs for a lifetime.

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