Putna Natural Park

Bears, lynxes, deer. Wilderness.

Web design, development

We already loved mountains

When we got the call from Ion Militaru wanting to hire us to create a website - from scratch - for Putna-Vrancea Natural Park it was a dream came true. All of us are mountain lovers - this is why we move to Brașov in the first place - and some are quite obssesed with hiking.

This being said, we knew right away that we had to do whatever it takes to get this project so I remember that we started working on the first design draft that very evening.

A walk in the park

The brief was quite simple. They wanted a simple friendly website for all tourists to find out more about them. Even though Putna-Vrancea Natural Park is one beautiful natural wonder, full of wild animals and unique plants, it is not so well-known in Romania.

A color named "Mushiao"?

As they didn't had an identity we started by choosing some basic colors. As you can see bellow, we chose some forest-inspired colors with strange names (we searched on Google for their names, of course).

Cosmic Latte Mushiao Pigment green

Can't see the forest because of the trees?

Well, we created a whole box of content between the trees. And we enjoyed it so much that we added it here as well. Scroll a little.

Cool trees, right?

Now to get a little technical

The website was designed using Figma and custom developed using CakePHP 3.6. It includes an administration panel, a photo/video gallery, a hiking trail system and a lot of information pages.

In conclusion... bear with us

We loved every minute spent on this website. You know, it was one of those "happy" projects that make you forget it's work you're doing. And the best part if it is that it's not over. We still work with Putna-Vrancea Natural Park and we have a lot of surprises stored for their visitors.

And now, some screenshots

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