Thai Institute

A barter for getting massages? Maybe...

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About Thai Institute and Rezan

Thai Institute is a very inspiring project based on an idea which has its roots in an exotic, splendid land: Thailand. The project belongs to our old friend, Rezan, who chose to continue developing his business ideas with ANUIX Studio.

Because it’s one of our traditions, we met Rezan in a very cozy café and started to talk about his 6 months experience in Thailand. He went there to study, to participate in traditional schools of Thai massage, to get a diploma and to fulfill one of his dreams: to help people feel better, to help them heal physically and spiritually. Coming back to Romania, Rezan’s purpose was to found a school of Thai massage in order to share his knowledge with others.

Thus, our work with her can be described as very professional and with a strong communication regarding what she wanted her website to reflect: a warm, young and vibrating design.

For creating this project we went right on target: NITA SAO Showroom. The website’s vibe is inspired by the sumptuousness of her space work and by the colors of the hats and the accessories created by Ana and her wonderful team. We had some positive discussions with her and we draw the basic lines of the website together.

The project

Our first proposal - based on the discussions with Rezan - was a draft of how the website will look like: warm, light, with a very relaxed design to inspire a state of well-being and peace. He was very happy about it and we went on with the development of the website. The colors that we used to draw this project are nature related shades, earthy, simple, with a positive vibe just as the activity that Thai Institute promotes: a message that helps people to heal, to enjoy their free time and their health and to become more grateful for their simple and natural life.

Purple Taupe White Limerick

Technical details

The platform is custom made for the Thai Institute and it is developed in CakePHP3. As well as all the websites we have created in the past, this project is optimized for all types of mobiles and tablets. Just like Rezan, we wanted to create a practical tool for all the users. Also, we wanted to help Rezan to build a strong business using this website as his main instrument to talk to the world.


We are very happy about our work with Rezan and once again we had the most productive collaboration. The communication was relaxed and friendly as usual. But, the most important, we are pleased about the product that we have created together: a good quality website in which we have invested a lot of time, creativity and energy. And we have that amazing feeling of a job well done and a happy client. Which is amazing!

Started in October 2016, the collaboration with Rezan is still going on. ANUIX has exclusivity in terms of monthly maintenance of the website and, whenever Rezan has a new idea we are always one phone call away. He chose ANUIX Studio to help him build his dreams and to fulfill his good-will of helping people. And we are beyond grateful for it!

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