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Home for hundreds of families in Bucharest, Romania.

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Home is where your heart is.

Top Class Residence is all about building and offering people the opportunity to have a new beginning in a new and beautiful house. Located in the south of Bucharest, Romania, the residential complex is formed by 4 completed apartment blocks, built with responsibility, with space cleverly divided, surrounded by playgrounds and green spaces.

When we got in touch with the management team we were pleased to notice that all of the people were positive and relaxed, very well informed and open to advise and suggestions to improve their business. Our collaboration started in September 2017 and the contact person was Luigi Iorga, the sales Director of Top Class Residence. Actually, we knew Luigi for quite some time because we collaborated on another project also in this industry. He recommended us to the owner of the project because he knew that we always love to deliver high-quality projects.

Luigi is a truly professional person, very up-to-date with everything new in his industry. We are so proud of our collaboration because we made an awesome team together. He asked for seriousness, experience, and excellence and we deliver it.

When we met with Luigi to discuss the plan for building the website, he knew exactly what he wanted: a beautiful design to express safety, comfort, elegance, and affordability. All of the apartments built inside the residential complex are spacious and warm, perfect for new beginnings. Small update: This real estate project is now developing its 5th apartment building, all other 4 units being completely sold.

Technical details

After all of the preliminary discussions with Luigi, we started to develop the website using Cake PHP framework. We respected the design ideas that he requested and – as we are used to – we send a draft for our client to evaluate. The feedback was positive so we moved forward with the development.

The website contains all the information needed to describe each type of apartments. Also, we added some useful features to the website in order to make it more user-friendly. If we must choose two of them we can say that an interactive map of the complex and some amazing presentation photos ingeniously intertwined symbols and sketches of the apartments are our top favorites.

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Because the real estate projects are about people, about building a new life in a new place, we also started a collaboration on social media. Since October 2018 we took over the management of Top Class Residence 5 Facebook account. Our main goal is to bring awareness of their brand and promoting their cozy apartments.


To see a business succeed is a very inspirational thing for us and we are proud that we actively contributed to this success. Because of the website, we developed for Top Class Residence they are number 1 in terms of sales in their area of activity and also the first result on Google when it comes to online searching for apartments in the South of Bucharest.

We are very happy about the results, about our collaboration with the Top Class Residence team and we are pleased every time we hear that through the website we have created a lot of people manage to get in touch with the team, to find more details about the real estate complex and to fulfill their dream of buying an apartment. Which is priceless to us.

The collaboration is still going on and ANUIX Studio has exclusivity in terms of monthly maintenance of the website, or in terms of any updates needed, of any other idea or new sections that are required to be created.

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